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The Plantbased Business Hour

Nov 18, 2020

ZERO EGGS? How? Co-Founder, Liron Nimrodi & GM Isabelle Francois of Zero Egg break it down on the Plantbased Business Hour with me. Join us to learn about the novel technology that will let us all be egg-free for our health, for the planet and for the hens! We discuss 1) the environmental impact of eggs, 2) the market...

Nov 11, 2020

Can we have cow's milk without the cow? Human milk without the human?  Fengru Lin, Co-Founder of TurtleTree Labs joins me to discuss 1) disrupting the $716B animal milk industry, 2) invigorating the infant nutrition market and 3) the efficiency of technology in our food. 

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Aug 4, 2020

Is algae the alt-protein we have been waiting for? Find out! Leonard Lerer of Chicago's Back of the Yards Algae Sciences (BYAS) is on The Plantbased Business Hour with me to discuss 1) the power of microbes, 2) a hybrid of plant-based ingredients into meat products and 3) his words for developing...

Jun 18, 2020

Back to the vault: Ryan Bethencourt, Bio-hacker and Founder of Wild Earth Pets joined me last September on The Plantbased Business Hour to talk about his predictions for a plant-based future. What has already come true and what might be just around the corner? Tune in to find out!! 

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May 6, 2020

THE PLANTBASED BUSINESS HOUR: A NASA research gig turns into a discovery of a lifetime....will microbes feed the world? CEO of Nature's Fynd, Thomas Jonas explains how all protein comes from plants and microbes and that microbes will become our efficient, nutritious, and prolific food supply of the future. For...