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The Plantbased Business Hour

Aug 22, 2023

Join us for the VegTech™ Invest free Impact Investing for Vegans webinar on August 24th at 1:30p ET.

In this webinar, we will discuss

-What is impact investing in the public markets?

-How can we impact invest for animals?

-What is an ETF and What is the EATV ETF?

-What is liquidity?

-What is diversification?

-What is risk management?

-Why are these things important to incorporate into our investing goals?

-What happened to the Beyond Meat and Oatly stocks?

-What should a vegan impact investor be wary of?

Think of this as a Finance/Investing 101 class specifically for vegans with the goal of impact investing to help remove animals from the supply chain while trying to create healthy returns for ourselves.

Email to register now (it’s free!) and see you there.


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