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The Plantbased Business Hour

May 5, 2020

The Coronavirus came from eating animals.  No one is talking about this.  So I have started a Special Series Running on Awesome Vegans (in addition to same) during 'Safer at Home' Coronavirus times: The Plantbased Business Hour.  This series talks about the solution to pandemic viruses (Corona, SARS, Ebola, Mad Cow, Swine Fever, Asian Bird Flu, etc.), which is plant-based meat alternatives.  I will talk with the leaders in the field who are focused on the solution for real change. Otherwise, we will go back to business as usual and find ourselves right back here with another pandemic in short order.  

This series is focused on the solution. 

Founder of Before the Butcher and Current Presiplant of #UnCut Burgers, Danny O’Malley joined Elysabeth to discuss how being acquired has helped the company weather the Coronavirus, if grocers are considering plant-based meats when meat supplies have run out, and if we have come to a saturation point for plant-based burgers.

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